Glory ix5
360° view


After unlocking the vehicle, your vehicle will greet you with daytime running lights, the shape of which is reflected in the rear LED lights.

Your new car is also equipped with dynamic turn signals and the car's interior tunes you with LED mood lighting in 7 colors.

The vehicle is also equipped with cornering lights using LED fog lights, which gives you a better overview of the situation on the road.

Air conditioning

Intelligent climate control and standard heated leather front seats are operated simply by touch screen on the central control panel and ensure you enjoy driving on your journeys.


The leather interior with heated seats and electrically adjustable driver's seat will bring you driving pleasure. Especially on longer journeys, ergonomic and comfortable seats protect you from fatigue.

Nappa leather interior

The seat upholstery is made of Nappa leather, which is known for its softness, durability and high quality. In addition, the front seats are heated and the driver's seat is also electrically operated.

The door is also covered with quality soft leather quilted details, which refers to the tail of the Chinese Phoenix, which is a symbol of honesty and grace.

Intelligent navigation

The advanced voice recognition navigation system intelligently plans your route and helps you avoid traffic jams in real-time. Map updates are available for free and include changes to the road network and revised speed limits.

Our navigation will prepare you for exits and crossroads, marking the best lane for your route. So you never have to worry about missing a turn again.

Sporty and stylish at a high level

The new Fengon Glory ix5 takes sportiness and style to the next level with enhancements and eye-catching detail in every way. The chrome gear lever is finished with refined soft materials for even more comfortable operation.

Driving mode selection

The Fengong Glory ix5 helps you enjoy a dynamic driving style with the standard automatic transmission, which offers you a choice of 3 different driving modes.

Comfort: for everyday traffic.

Sports: especially for fans of a sportier driving style.

Winter: for driving in bad and winter weather.


The state-of-the-art body shell with high-strength steel takes care of your road safety. In the event of a collision, the front and side airbags will of course protect you.

We take care of your safety not only during the journey but also at the beginning and end of it with the help of electric parking sensors and a reversing camera with which you will not overlook any obstacle.

Integrated on-board camera

The standard integrated wide-angle on-board camera records every traffic situation and provides you with indisputable evidence in the event of an accident.

Keyless access and driving, start-stop system

The smart key unlocks and locks your vehicle without hands, and you can switch the engine on or off with a simple push of a button using the start-stop button.

Thanks to the keyless access, you can open the tailgate, which will make it easier for you to use your car effortlessly.

19” alloy wheels

19-inch discs made of high quality material are equipped with wide tires (245/45/19), thanks to which you will be able to enjoy your ride to the fullest, which increases the contact between your tires and the road surface.

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Configuration Parameters of Glory ix5 in Basic, Classic, Luxury, and Deluxe variation.

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