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Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM), founded in 1969 and headquartered in Wuhan, is one of the largest corporations in the Chinese automobile industry with a total assets of 176,000 employees of € 30.5 billion. The core business of DFM is a wide range of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, new energy vehicles, engines, automotive parts in components of other activities in the automotive industry, whose business volume exceeds 3.8 million units. In 2018, the company ranked 65th in the World 500 Fortune Top 500. DFM has a strong influence and their brand is also very popular. The Dongfeng brand is the first known brand of the Chinese automobile industry. We rank it among the 500 most famous brands in the world. In its 46-year history, DFM has taken a leading position in the industry in terms of business and management, production capacity and marketing. They have also set up complexes and an open R&D system that enables DFM to provide quality research, development and innovation. The DFM R&D departments in China, Sweden, Germany and the company are involved in joint R&D activities and are committed to developing technical innovation and industrial applications. In 2014, DFM produced a total of 26.60 million vehicles. Sales of commercial vehicles (trucks and buses) cover a wide range of vehicles, including heavy / medium / light and mini vehicles and special purpose vehicles, etc. For the sale of passenger cars, you can buy various models such as limousine SUVs, minivans, mini vehicles, etc. The company also offers a wide range of special off-road vehicles with high mobility, such as desert vehicles and four-wheel drive off-road trucks, and a wide selection of vehicles on new forms of energy, such as hybrid vehicles, battery-powered electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles. . etc. DFM remains true to its vision of Dongfeng with a century-old tradition and sustainable development; about innovative Dongfeng - an internationally and globally competitive company with independent development - in an effort to become even stronger, even better and more developed in the most advanced international company in the world.  



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